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Enhancing Your IMO Relationships

Membership in the DMG community provides access to the experience of industry experts and to virtually all carriers and products. We can serve as a complement to your current IMO.

We take pride in helping BGAs succeed.


What We Do

We offer guidance, support, and training on all types of life, annuity, disability, and long term care products. 

We are a member owned, non-profit IMO membership organization with specialists readily available in all areas of brokerage, offering access to nearly every insurance carrier in the industry.

We have NO production requirement and all profits go back to
members. Consider us your IMO 2.0.

What We Offer

Benefits of DMG Membership 

  1. Access our member forum for answers and mentorship
  2. Maintain your own business and your own identity
  3. Learn and network with industry leaders and peers
  4. Expand your business with our marketing tools and support
  5. Gain expertise and inspiration from our member meetings



“We have belonged to DMG since 2000. Since then we have been members of three other “primary” IMO’s (each at different times). We are currently a member of a national top 3 IMO. We continue to maintain our membership in DMG because of the comradery and access to top contracts outside our primary IMO. DMG does not “take” from our primary IMO. Basically, if we need a contract with any carrier in brokerage but not available through our primary IMO, we have access to it. Additionally, when we have a tough case or capacity issue, we know we can draw on the expertise of our DMG partners for suggestions and advice via our intra-member bulletin board.

I know of no other organization similar to DMG. Any BGA actively part of an IMO, would benefit from additionally being a member of DMG.”

R. Neil Sperling, SD

“As a member now for over 15 years I think DMG may be our best resource for industry expertise, carrier access, and long-lasting relationships.”

Sean, CA

“The group has been a life saver to my business. The sharing of information has been invaluable to the success of our BGA.”

Gary Victorson, NY

“I’m glad to be a part of DMG. A professional group of BGA’s who provide a great source of information and carrier access.”

Tim Hatzinger, NY