Why Join? Look at these Member Benefits!

  • Access to a wide array of companies and products with no production requirements. In fact, as a DMG member, you have access to nearly every independent life and health company in the industry.
  • Bonus on all your production with many companies. Because of the premium volume generated by our group, as a DMG member, you earn top compensation and bonus levels with most major brokerage carriers.
  • Access to DMG's own expert underwriter. As a DMG member, you have access to our senior underwriter to discuss and evaluate your special risk cases.  There are no additional charges to your office for this service.
  • Shared expertise of colleagues. DMG members often help other members solve problems and place complex cases.
  • Technology bonus when production warrants.
  • Special unrestricted access to Members only area of www.dmgusa.org with a host of valuable tools
  • Special UPS Discounted Shipping rates for DMG members.
  • Full disclosure of all DMG financial arrangements (no hidden costs)

How do I join?

  • Call and speak with our Executive Director (Contact information on Contact Us page) and request your application material. 
  • Feel free to call and speak with some of our current members found on our Contact Us page.
  • Attend our Annual Members meeting in October and become amazed by what DMG can do to quietly help your business explode!
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